You: Hey, Swiftee! Collect my shoes from the shoemaker 😄

Swiftee: Sure, on the way! 📦

The assistant that actually gets the job done.

We’re here at your side ready to assist with collections, drop-off’s, urgent deliveries and more.

Request a Courier

Add pickup & dropoff details.

Start by requesting a courier, add a collection address and attach any information that may be useful. You can also add images and instructions if necessary. 

Rider On the Way!

With you in a flash.

We’ll connect you with the nearest available courier, providing you updates along the way. You’ll also be able to track and share the order details with a friend.

Mission Accomplished!

Your task securely completed.

We’ll make sure you get full visibility of the delivery including a photo image and signature of the receiver. Riders can also leave you delivery notes with details that may be useful.

Give it a try.

We’re more than just a courier. We’re here assist you with any errand or task you may have when it comes to collecting or delivering packages and more.

"Hey, Swiftee! Collect my prescription."

Sure thing. Add the details and order# in the app and we’ll be right on our way!

"Hey, Swiftee! Send this cake to mum."

Of course. We’ll send a car for this one so we can be sure the cake arrives intact!

"Hey, Swiftee! Drop this package at the post office."

On it. A rider has been assigned to your job and will arrive in 4.

Alerts at every step.

We’ll keep you updated from order to delivery with real time notifications and live tracking.

Carry out a range of tasks with a few simple taps.