Swiftee for Business


Thank you for your interest in opening a Business Account!

By having a Business Account you will be able to make bookings as many as you wish without instant payment.

We will invoice you on behalf of the drivers every month, we will also attach to the invoice a full report of all your deliveries you have booked, so that you know exactly what you are being invoiced for.

Four working days after invoicing, we will collect payment via Direct Debit using GoCardless. or we can simply charge your credit card if you prefer that.

You can get a full and immediate refund from your bank for any payment you believe was taken in error on a “no questions asked” basis. If you wish to pay your account by Card – simply email us at accounts@swiftee.co.uk.

We confidently assure you with an outstanding service!

We look forward working with you.

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"Receive up to £50 free credit just for opening an account!"

What's your average amount of orders per week you will be using us?

Awesome! You're doing great.

£50 Credit will apply on your first invoice!

Awesome! You're doing well!

£30 Credit will apply on your first invoice!

Nice! You're doing good!

£20 Credit will apply on your first invoice!

Great, we bet the numbers will increase!

£10 Credit will apply to your first invoice!

Business accounts will encounter a service fee of £6.25+ VAT, that enables us to give the best possible service.

The benefits of having a business account are the following:

High priority over individual accounts, invoicing and payments will occur once a month and a detailed report with references for each job (if supplied over the phone).

Please note, this is not a monthly charge. The fee applies only if you have been using our services. Meaning that if you don't use Swiftee, invoice won't be privided, therefore, no fee applies.