Onboarding Process

Welcome to Swiftee!

You’re just a few steps away from hitting the road!


Application Submission

On our rider mobile app


Quick Initial Call

A representative will call you


Training Session

20 min session & sign agreement


Deposit & Kit Collection

Collect your kit and you’re in!


Swiftee is an on demand same day and instant courier that is powered by awesome technology. We’re based in London and operate a fleet of 500+ professional couriers made up of Motorcycles & e-bikes, Cars and Vans. We’re glad you’re joining us! 

What Will You Deliver?

We work with many industries including but not limited to documents for law firms, retails and clothing, personal collections and more. We also do multi-drop jobs where you may have one or two collections and/or multiple drops. 

Fares & Fees

On job offer you will see the net earning you will receive for the job. Once you complete a job, your Swiftee account wallet will be credited.

However: Some jobs are paid by CASH which means you may collect MORE than your net earning. The app will automatically deduct the extra you collected from your Swiftee account wallet. If you do many cash jobs and your account falls in negative, the app may prompt you to make a payment in order for you to continue getting jobs.

Code of Conduct and Policies

As a professional courier working for Swiftee, you reflect the company’s image and it’s extremely important that we maintain a professional and efficient service. Not maintaining our expected level of service, or not abiding by our terms can result in your account being suspended.

You must never...

❌ NEVER raise your voice at customers

❌ NEVER ask customers to come out to you, we’re a delivery service not a taxi

❌ DO NOT try to handle disagreements with customers alone, ALWAYS call support if needed

❌ PROHIBITED to approach Swiftee customers or if asked to accept deliveries from them outside of the Swiftee network

❌ You CANNOT cancel a order once it’s accepted unless you have an emergency. Call support in case.

❌ You MUST NOT charge customers extra fees. If you feel the price may be incorrect, talk to support. The price displayed on the app cannot be overridden manually by you.

❌ NEVER make personal stops or work another job during a Swiftee delivery. 

❌ DO NOT leave packages outside unless support has explicitly asked you to do so. 

You must...

✅ Always talk to customers with respect

✅ You MUST wear the Swiftee ID card while doing deliveries

✅ Greet customers professionally, you can say things like “Good morning, It’s Swiftee!”

✅ Wear the Swiftee gear 

✅ Once you accept a order, you must head to the pickup right away, unless it’s a scheduled order for another time

✅ You must always have change on you for customers paying cash for the delivery

Doing a Delivery 

The App

When you first sign in to the app you should see 4 tabs:

  1. Assigned – Here you’ll see jobs assigned to you
  2. For You – Here you’ll receive job offers if there are available jobs close to you
  3. Orders – This is a job board where you may be able to see jobs that are available for you to choose and accept. Only accept jobs if you can leave straight away and collect the package in time. You can also see scheduled jobs.
  4. Profile – Here you can manage your account including adding your bak accounts details for payouts.

Accepting a Job

After you accept a job the job becomes assigned to you and will go into the assigned tab. You must press START as soon as you’re ready to start that job. In general, if you’re doing one job at a time you should start the job right after you accept it.


When you arrive at a collection, hit “Arrived”. You may need to read pickup notes or call the pickup contact by pressing the call icon at the collection address in the app. You will have to take a photo of the package you’re collecting in order to complete a pickup.

Laying Out Money

At times, customers might ask that you pay for an item at pickup and the customer will reimburse you at the dropoff. This request would be visible in the notes at pickup. The maximum amount for “layouts” is £60. You’re obliged to have £60 on you at all times.


Once collected, mark the order as “Picked Up”. You can then hit “Navigate” and use your preferred option of navigation. You may have to read the notes at drop off in order to successfully deliver the package.

Every delivery requires an image and signature. Failing to provide Proof of Delivery can result in your account being suspended and your funds withheld. 

Once delivered, hit complete. And you’re done!