What is Swiftee?

Swiftee is an on demand same day courier that is powered by awesome technology. We’re based in London and operate a fleet of 500+ riders made up of Motorcycles, e-bikes, Cars and Vans.

How to book a Swiftee?

Well it depends, are you a tech lover? Old school dude? Or the VIP person that needs personalised one on one service?

It’s like this:

Operation Areas + SLA’s

Where Does Swiftee Operate?

Swiftee collects packages throughout London and Most of Outer London (see map below). There are no restrictions on delivery locations throughout the UK although deliveries with longer distances may be pricey as we’re a direct end to end service. Most of our customers generally send couriers 2-30 miles.

Booking Types

You can book a Swiftee to collect a package “ASAP” or you can Schedule a collection for a certain time or date up to 7 days in advance. We can also set up recurring jobs for repeat deliveries – reach out to our sales team hello@swiftee.co.uk and we’ll be glad to help.

Operating Hours

Swiftee operates 7 days a week, 8am > 12am. If you book a scheduled job 4 hours or more in advance, we can provide services outside our main hours. We can also provide out of hours deliveries at your request, email us at hello@swiftee.co.uk and a member of the team will assist you.

How fast is Swiftee?

We aim to assign ASAP orders to a driver within 10 min of the job being received. This doesn’t however always mean that the courier will be heading instantly to the collection as he/she may be finalising another drop. When the courier starts your jobs, you will receive a sms / push notification with an estimated collection time. Once a package is collected, the courier will generally head directly to your dropoff and not make additional stops along the way, so even though at times it may take longer for a rider to be assigned (for example bad weather), once collected your package should be delivered in a jiffy.

The below map explains our average collection times in different locations in London (open sidebar or view full screen to view postal codes):

Blue = 20 min, Green = 30 min, Orange = 45 min, Red = 60+ min

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Vehicles & Capacity

Every delivery is unique, right?! Relax – We’ve got you covered. Every package has its home with Swiftee:

  1. Nearest (Small & Speedy): 40cm x 40cm x 40cm (up to 10kg)
  2. Motorcycle (Fast & Compact): All our 2 wheelers are fitted with Swiftee boxes 53cm (W) x 39cm (H) x 53cm (D) (up to 10kg)
  3. Parcel Car: 85cm (W) x 45cm (H) x 85cm (D) 450L (up to 70kg)
  4. Small Van: 120cm (W) x 120 cm (H) x 180cm (D) 2.5m³ or 2500L (up to 600 kg)
  5. Medium Van:150cm (W) x 140cm (H) x 250cm (D) 5.7m³ or 5700L (up to 900 kg)
  6. Large Van (LWB):140cm (W) x 180cm (H) x 350cm (D) 9.7m³ or 8700L (up to 1100 kg)
Nearest | From £5.5

Nearest | From £5.5

40cm x 40cm x 40cm – up to 10kg

Motorcycle | From £5.7

Motorcycle | From £5.7

53cm x 39cm x 53cm – up to 10kg

Parcel Car | From £6

Parcel Car | From £6

85cm x 45cm x 85cm – up to 70kg

Small Van | From £13.4

Small Van | From £13.4

120cm x 120 cm x 180cm – up to 600 kg

Medium Van | From £24.8

Medium Van | From £24.8

150cm x 140cm x 250cm – up to 900 kg

Large Van | From £35.2

Large Van | From £35.2

140cm x 180cm x 350cm – up to 1100 kg

Item Restrictions

We cannot carry and do not take any responsibility for the below items: 

  • Hazardous Materials:
    • Explosives
    • Flammable items (e.g., gasoline, lighter fluid)
    • Toxic substances (e.g., pesticides, mercury)
    • Compressed gases (e.g., propane, aerosol cans)
    • Corrosive substances (e.g., acids, batteries)
  • Perishable Goods:
    • Food items that require refrigeration or special handling
  • Biological Materials:
    • Human or animal remains
  • Weapons and Ammunition:
    • Firearms
    • Knives and other sharp objects
    • Ammunition
  • Valuables:
    • Cash
    • Precious metals and stones
    • High-value electronics without proper packaging and insurance
  • Illegal Items:
    • Illegal drugs and paraphernalia
    • Counterfeit goods
    • Stolen property
  • Fragile Items:
    • Items that are extremely fragile and not properly packaged
  • Oversized or Overweight Items:
    • Items exceeding the courier’s weight and size limits
  • Animals and Plants:
    • Live animals
    • Certain plants and seeds (due to agricultural regulations)


At Swiftee we ensure our professional riders handle your packages with great care. Our couriers are also vigorously vetted and undergo screening so our customers have peace of mind. Our incident rates are proudly 0.002%. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong we offer the following coverage:

Standard: £100 Included with every delivery by default
Premium: £1000 for a fee of £10
Diamond: £5000 for a fee of £25

Pricing & Fees

Base Fare

Our fares are extremely competitive and you can retrieve a quote instantly online > swiftee.co.uk

If you need a rate sheet for collections of a specific address, please reach out to sales hello@swiftee.co.uk and a member of the team will assist you.

A typical local job of 2 miles would cost:
Nearest – From £5.5
Motorcycle – From £5.7
Parcel Car – £6
Small Van – £13.4
Medium Van – £24.8
Large Van – £35.2

A typical job across London of 6 miles would cost:
Nearest – From £19.20
Motorcycle – From £19.40
Parcel Car – £20.20
Small Van – £32
Medium Van – £44.8
Large Van – £62.2

Standard: £100 Included with every delivery by default
Premium: £1000 for a fee of £10
Diamond: £5000 for a fee of £25

Multiple Stops

Above the overall mileage / base fare of the total job, there is a small additional charge per extra drop as follows:

Nearest & Motorcycle – £1.8
Parcel Car – £2.3
Vans – £4

Extra Packages, Heavy Boxes or 2 Man Deliveries

When sending boxes with a Parcel Car, the base fee includes 2 egg boxes as standard. There will be an additional £1 charge per extra box / package. This charge does not apply to Van deliveries.

Parcel Cars include an overall allowance of 70kg, however if one single package weighs more than 10kg an additional £1 will be charged per heavy package. This does not apply to Van deliveries.

2 Man Van Deliveries incur a 50%-75% price increase depending on the nature and distance of the job. The exact fee can be found during the booking process by selecting “2 Man Delivery” after choosing the Van Size. We don’t currently offer 2 Man Deliveries for Car jobs.

Waiting Time

Every collection or delivery has an allowance of 5 min waiting inclusive of the booking fee. After the 5 min period waiting time is charged at 30p per minute. Riders are permitted to wait up to 30 at a collection or drop off point, after which the booking will be cancelled or if collected will be returned to the sender in case there isn’t a safe place to leave the package.

Congestion Charge & City Centre fees

Congestion Charge

Generally, we do not charge congestion fees for orders going in and out of the congestion area. However for Van vehicles (Small, Medium & Large) an additional £15 fee will be automatically applied to the quoted price when placing a booking during congestion hours.

City Fee Surcharge

For vehicles other than Vans, we charge an additional £5 for City Zone A (North of city before the Thames) and £10 for City Zone B (after the Thames South of London) due to heavier traffic. This is automatically added to job quotes. See here for map view:

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Cancellation / Return to Sender Fees


  • Within 5 min of rider starting the job where rider hasn’t arrived to pickup – Free
  • Within 5 min of rider starting the job where rider has arrived to pickup – £2
  • After 5 min of rider staring the job where rider hasn’t arrived to pickup – 40% of Total Price
  • After 5 min of rider staring the job where rider has arrived to pickup – 60% of Total Price

If a rider arrives at a collection but has failed to get a delivery (for example incomplete address, you’re unreachable or nothing to collect), we will cancel the order after 5 minutes of attempt and charge accordingly.

Return to Sender / Failed Delivery

If the rider has attempted a delivery but has failed to deliver and the contact details on the delivery aren’t reachable, riders will first attempt to deliver to a neighbour or leave the package in a safe place. Riders will leave notes on delivery as to where the package has been left. In case the above isn’t possible, riders will return the package to sender and the return journey will be chargeable as an additional stop.

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