Join our fleet and experience freedom.

Join our fleet and become a vital part of Swiftee’s mission to provide fast, reliable and efficient delivery services to customers across the city.


Average earning 

Great Support

We’re at your side.

A Smartphone

We support IOS and Android devices. You’d be required to share your location and accept notifications.


You’re required by law to be in possession of drivers and courier insurance.

A Vehicle

You can use a bike, motorcycle, car or van. Don’t have a vehicle? Ask us about our flexible rentals!

Proof of Address

You must be permitted to work in the UK and have proof of address.

What you'll need

We’ve simplified the onboarding process and try to activate applications as fast as 24 hours!

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Est. 3-9 Min


Active riders





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Nearest | From £5.5

Nearest | From £5.5

40cm x 40cm x 40cm – up to 10kg

Motorcycle | From £5.7

Motorcycle | From £5.7

53cm x 39cm x 53cm – up to 10kg

Parcel Car | From £6

Parcel Car | From £6

85cm x 45cm x 85cm – up to 70kg

Small Van | From £13.4

Small Van | From £13.4

120cm x 120 cm x 180cm – up to 600 kg

Medium Van | From £24.8

Medium Van | From £24.8

150cm x 140cm x 250cm – up to 900 kg

Large Van | From £35.2

Large Van | From £35.2

140cm x 180cm x 350cm – up to 1100 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always here to help and answer any questions you may have. We pride ourself with being a safe community for riders.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? write to us at

What is Swiftee?

Swiftee is a platform that connects businesses with experienced local couriers.

Is the job really felxible?

Most certainly. You can go online and choose to accept or reject any particular job. Don’t want to work now? Just change your status to offline and crack on with your day!

What are the average earnings?

We find that committed couriers earn just over £2,500 a month on average. Part time couriers tend to earn about £600-£900 a month.

When do I get paid?

You can view your balance and request a pay-out from within your rider app. Payments can be requested at any time and usually take 48-72 hours to reach you.

What vehicle can I use?

You can work with Swiftee with most forms of transport including: Bike, Motorcycle, Car & a Van.

Don't have a vehicle?

We offer rentals!

Get started with a rental and start earning immediately. We offer flexible rentals that don’t break your bank. 

Electirc mopeds

High speed mopeds provided with extra batteries to maximise the range. 

Flexible rentals

Start your rental from as little as one week in advance!

Insurance included

At Swiftee our goal is to ensure riders have a stress free experience.

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