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  Return Job?

If you want the courier to
return an item to you.

Typical example:
You are in Lordship Rd and
want to send a document
to be signed by someone
who lives in Clapton
Common, and then return
the signed document to

Return Job
Return Job

  Adding Stops?

Add stops, E.G. 1 pickup
to 5 drop-offs or 5 Pickups
to 1 drop-of

Typical example:
A property office are most
likely to send keys to
multiple locations. Or to
collect keys from multiple
locations to deliver them
to their office.

adding stops

  Adding Details?

Adding details so the
courier understands your
job avoid the hassle of the
courier calling & waiting.

Whenever you enter a
location, you will have the
option to add details to
that location.

Building A, unit 2,
fourth floor, ask for Jack.

Adding details


Can I book a job using my Business Account?

Sure, by clicking on PAYMENT you will have the ability to add a payment method such as Credit card or Business account.

Please note, using a Business Account is only available if you are logged in, so make sure that you have created a user account and are logged in. E.G. If 5 people want to use your Business Account, all 5 users should create a user account and add the Business Account to their payment section.

If you would like us to send you your account number & pin, simply email us to accounts@swiftee.co.uk

How do I select a vehicle type?

As soon as you type in the drop-off address, there will be a small box on the top right corner where you can select a vehicle type.

E.g. If you have larger or fragile goods to be delivered then you should select a CAR, or if you are in a hurry and your parcel is not too large or fragile then select a MOTORCYCLE.

If you do not select a vehicle type your booking will be sent to the nearest driver (car or motorcycle) and you won’t get charged for a car price.

How big is the motorcycle courier box?

It’s pretty big, the dimensions are:

53cm (21in) by 53cm (21in)

and the height is 38cm (15in).

Can I schedule a Job for a later date or time?

Sure, you can schedule a job for any date or time you would like, just make sure that It matches with our opening hours which is shown on top.

Your job will automatically be sent to a driver 3 minutes before your set time.

Therefore if the pickup address is an area we do not cover, make sure to give it enough time for the courier to arrive to that location.

You can always write it in the notes of the pickup address to be on the safe side.

How do I edit a job?

Editing a job is only accessible if you placed your booking through our mobile app, unfortunately, if you book through our website after you confirmed a booking you won’t be able to edit your booking, Please call us immediately on 020 8800 8090 so we can edit the changes you would like.

How do I track my booking?

After placing a booking, you will have a button TRACK MY DELIVERY by clicking on that you will see the ETA and job status which includes a map where you can track your courier’s live location.If you are signed in, you can track your live and past jobs in ‘My Deliveries’ page, simply click on the job you wish to track.

Can I get a receipt of my booking?

Sure, after your job is completed you will automatically receive an email confirming that your job was completed which includes the times and tracking history, however, if you require a Sales Receipt with your company name on etc. then simply reply to that email and we will send you a one.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Simply ask us using the chat section which can be found down below on the right, and a member of staff will respond swiftly!

Just so you know..

these Q&A are for online bookings only, by booking through our App you have way more abilities such as editing a job or chat & call the courier and many more features. We do encourage using our mobile-friendly App and can ensure you with an incredible experience!